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“As Seen on CBS Morning News," Smith Island Cakes....

Accessible only by boat, Smith Island, Maryland, is a fishing village located ten miles offshore in the Chesapeake Bay. Years of limits on crabbing and oyster harvesting restricted the work of watermen, the main source of income on the island. Little did they know a cake originally made in the 1800’s for oysterman by their wives would provide a much-needed economic boost to the island. Comprised of at least eight impossibly thin layers, bakers used fudge for the icing which lasts longer than other icing recipes of the time. Each cake is handmade with recipes passed from generation to generation. And so the Smith Island Cake was born.

In 2008, Maryland named the Smith Island Cake its official State Dessert. “Florida has the key lime pie, Massachusetts has the Boston cream pie and Maryland has the Smith Island cake,” said D. Page Elmore, who represents the rural lower Eastern Shore. “This is a source of revenue for them — and a source of pride.” The Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes & More catalog began featuring the Smith Island Cake in 2007, sending trucks to meet the ferry from Smith Island and transport the cakes back to a warehouse outside of Baltimore for shipment to customers nationwide. In 2010, Mackenzie began featuring a new flavor of the Smith Island Cake, titled the Devilish Cake. Today, our catalog features four flavors of the cake including Traditional, Devilish, Spice, and Lemon (see links below).

traditonal_cake Traditional: https://www.mackenzieltd.com/smith-island-cake

devilish_cake Devilish: https://www.mackenzieltd.com/devilish-cake

spice_cake Spice: https://www.mackenzieltd.com/smith-island-spice-cake-1

lemon_cake Lemon: https://www.mackenzieltd.com/lemon-smith-island-cake

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