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French Beignets and Other Delicious New Product Arrivals in 2017

beignetsBeignets have been associated with Mardi Gras in France since the 16th century. It's French for "fritter" and a New Orleans specialty. In 1986, beignets became the Louisiana State Doughnut. Typically, beignets are fried pieces of dough and are sprinkled with sugar and or coated with different types of icings. In New Orleans, beignets are served with cafe au lait (strong dark roast coffee/chicory served with equal part hot milk).

Bring the New Orleans patisseries to your home with our French Beignets. The rich pastry is filled with fruit or hazelnut and tossed in powdered sugar.

Enjoy with a hot cup of Cafe au Lait:
Heat ½ cup whole milk.
Pour heated milk into a mug and pour equal amounts of brewed coffee and chicory.

Try our Beignets along with many other new product arrivals in 2017:

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