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Brioche French Toast

Item #: A-436
This French Toast is imported from France! It features brioche bread cut into ten thick slices ready for baking or griddling. It’s the perfect French Toast, crispy on the outside, with a moist, custard-like interior. Serve with fruit or syrup for a memorable brunch or breakfast. Try paired with our Kettle Cooked Apples for maximum convenience. The possibilities are endless with our Brioche French Toast! Imported from France exclusively for us, each Brioche French Toast features 10 large slices, and serves 5-10.

Brioche French Toast

Pan Fry: Fry thawed brioche for 3 minutes each side. Oven: From Frozen: 8-12 minutes at 375°F. Microwave: From Frozen: 1 minute 15 seconds on high.
Brioche (Wheat Flour, Egg, Concentrated Butter [Of Which Reconstituted Butter], Sugar, Raising Agent [Wheat Flour, Water, Salt], Water, Inverted Sugar Syrup, Yeast, Salt, Vanilla Natural Aroma, Emulsifiers , Egg Wash), Milk, Egg, Cream (Of Which Stabilizer Carrageenans), Sugar, Natural Aroma Of Orange Blossom, Natural Extract Of Liquid Vanilla.

Contains: Wheat, Egg, Milk.


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