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Dry-Aged Burgers

Dry-Aged Burgers - Four Item #: DAB12
$26.95 $22.99
Dry-Aged Burgers - Eight Item #: DAB66
$49.95 $39.99

Dry-Aged Burgers


Ratchet up your appetite for these - no wimpy burgers here! Made from natural, choice cuts of beef dry-aged for at least two weeks, these burgers are like a steak on a bun. There's no other dry-aged burger on the market, and you'll know you've reached burger nirvana from the first bite. Fire up the grill! Choose from four or eight, 6 oz. burgers.
Thaw desired number of burger patties and season as desired. We recommend adding salt, pepper, and mayonnaise to the outside of the raw patty. Grill:2-4 minutes per side on high heat or until desired doneness Pan Fry: 3-4 minutes per side on high heat or until desired doneness. Medium: Cook to 145°F Well Done: Cook to 160°F


100% Black Angus Beef


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