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Blue Cheese Stuffed Dates

Item #: BCD18
Sweet dates, with a flavor that hints at molasses, are paired with a creamy, sharp, Blue cheese filling. The result is sweet, salty, tangy, and utterly addictive. Thaw and serve these Blue Cheese Stuffed Dates for an appetizer treat they will rave about; they are far better than you can imagine! We suggest trying as a unique dessert too.
Serves 6-8
18 dates
Thaw & Serve

Blue Cheese Stuffed Dates

Thaw under refrigeration and serve.
Dates, Blue Cheese Crumbles (blue cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes), powdered cellulose to prevent caking, natamycin to protect flavor), Cream Cheese (pasteurized cultured milk and cream, salt, stabilizers (xanthan and/or carob bean and/or guar gums)).

Contains: Milk.


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