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Shrimp Potstickers

Item #: SPP25
$69.95 $64.95
Serves 10-12
50 potstickers

Shrimp Potstickers

$69.95 $64.95


A comforting finger food that packs a punch of flavor, these are the best shrimp potstickers we’ve ever had. Large pieces of shrimp are complimented beautifully by peas and carrots with a hint of lime juice. Easy to prepare, filling, and delicious. Decidedly gourmet. Serve with soy sauce or sweet Thai chili sauce for dipping, but they are equally delicious on their own.
Preheat an oiled skillet over medium heat. Place frozen potstickers in the pan, flat side down. Cook without moving for 3-5 minutes or until the potstickers are nicely browned. If using a 12” pan, add ½ cup of water or chicken stock to the pan. Adjust liquid accordingly for varying size pans. Cook until the water has completely evaporated.


Filling: Shrimp, Onion, Pea, Carrot, Sweet Butter (pasteurized cream, natural flavorings), Sugar, Modified Starch, Salt, Lemon Juice (lemon juice from concentrate [water, concentrated lemon juice], sodium benzoate, sodium metabisulfite and sodium sulfite [preservatives], lemon oil), White Pepper, Canola/Soybean Oil. Dough: Wheat Flour, Water, Wheat Gluten, Corn Starch, Salt. Contains: Milk, Shellfish (Shrimp), Soybean, Wheat.


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