Coconut Shrimp with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

A new tropical classic. Large, all-natural Pacific shrimp, butterflied for a dramatic presentation, are lightly dusted with panko and coconut flakes. This makes for a shrimp that is crispy on the outside and sweet and briny on the inside. Serve with the included Thai Sweet Chili Sauce. Just add cocktails and you’ll feel the tropical breeze. Two pounds of coconut shrimp total, includes 25 large shrimp.

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Remove shrimp from bag and place in a single layer on a broiling pan that is sprayed with a non-stick coating. Heat in oven at 400° for about 6 minutes on the center rack; carefully turn shrimp over and heat another 6 minutes. Shrimp are ready to eat when golden brown and crispy.

Coconut Shrimp: Shrimp (Farm Raised), Coconut Flakes, Corn Starch, Wheat Flour, Egg Whites, Vegetable Oil, Natural Spices
Contains: Shellfish (Shrimp), Egg, & Wheat
Thai Sweet Chili Sauce: Sugar, Distilled Vinegar, Chili, Water, Salt, Garlic, Modified Tapioca Starch

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