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French Beignets

Item #: FBN32
Serves 6-8
24 beignets total, 12 of each flavor
Ready in under 60 minutes
Thaw & Serve

French Beignets


Have our classic French Beignets delivered to your home—perfect for breakfast or brunch, or as a light dessert. The delicate fried dough pastry is tender and rich—ensuring a delightful bite. Each of our gourmet beignets is filled with either fruit or a chocolate hazelnut filling for a sweet treat. Tossed in powdered sugar, these stuffed beignets are a cloud-like treat from sweet heaven.

Imported from France exclusively for us, we offer French Beignets delivered in a package of 24 delicate pastries. This French Beignets online order comes with 12 hazelnut chocolate filled beignets and 12 fruit filled beignet pastries to satisfy all sweet tooth cravings. Each French Beignet delivery serves six to eight people. Rich in tradition, these hand-crafted French Beignets, dusted with the perfect amount of confectioners sugar, are the sweetest bite to be enjoyed after a gourmet entree.

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