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Item #: ECR24
This unique and easy appetizer features traditional French escargot with a rich garlic butter sauce, wrapped in tender brioche and stylishly decorated. The rich brioche is a perfect foil for the garlicky, mushroom-like flavors of the escargot. Each bite-size morsel is complete - no need for a dip! A gourmet treat and one of our best selling appetizers. 24 total.

Escargot en Brioche

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  • Quality

    The Escargot was lacking in size and taste. Needed extra time in oven to be served hot. Just average.

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    Thank you for your valuable feedback. This information has been passed on to our Quality Assurance team.

  • needs something

    I've ordered these a few time and, while I enjoy them and they are much neater and easier to eat than escargot in the shell, they are lacking in taste. We decided to add garlic butter on top before baking to give them some punch. Great idea for appetizers, though!

  • Excellent App

    I have purchased these several times. They're a personal favorite of mine, and they're always a hit when I serve them. The brioche is buttery and tasty, the escargot tender. I agree that they need a little extra time in the oven in order to be served hot. I also put a tiny pat of butter on top, in the center of each piece, before baking. Decadent, yes, but it ensures that the snails stay soft & juicy while your brioche browns nicely.

  • Perfect

    Perfect winter/fall/spring treat with a cocktail. We order several boxes every year.

  • Doughy.

    Too much bread surrounds the snails; not enough garlic buttery taste. All were eaten by guests, however.

  • Always a Favorite!!!!

    Serve these often! Always a favorite!
    I agree that a few additional minutes are necessary to heat thoroughly.

  • Yummy!

    Heat them a bit longer than in the directions so they're hot throughout.

  • Yummy!

    Heat them a bit longer than in the directions so they're hot throughout.

  • Delightful

    These are flavorful delights that I order through out the year to have on hand for any occasion. Christmas is just another excuse to purchase and enjoy.

  • Worth it

    Although a bit expensive, these were easy to heat up and delicious. Our guests loved them. Would order them again.