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Ribeye & Porterhouse Steaks

The favorite cut of beef lovers, the rib-eye is full of rich, meaty, Midwestern flavor, yet extremely tender. These select cuts are so meaty and big, they will turn a stockbroker into a cowboy. Simply an extraordinary experience. Each ribeye steak is 18 oz. The regal porterhouse gives you two of the best cuts of beef in one - one side is from the loin, and one side is tenderloin. It's the perfect steak for those who can't decide. Very rich and flavorful, it's a steak that will impress even the most ardent steak lover. Each porterhouse is 18 oz. and is sure to please.

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Ribeye Steaks - Four 18oz. Item #: RBS418
Porterhouse Steaks- Six 18 oz. Item #: PRT618
Ribeye Steaks - Six 18oz. Item #: RBS618
Porterhouse Steaks-Eight 18 oz. Item #: PRT818
Porterhouse Steaks - Four 18oz. Item #: PRT418
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Cook from a thawed state. Grill or Pan Saute to your desired doneness as registered on a meat thermometer.

Rare: Cook to 120°F-125°F
Medium Rare: Cook to 130°F-135°F
Medium: Cook to 140°F-145°F
Well Done: Cook to 160°F

100 % Midwestern Beef

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