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The All-American Baby Back Rib Dinner for Two

Item #: RBD22
Serves 2-3
Features four items

The All-American Baby Back Rib Dinner for Two


This patriotic feast assembles some of America’s favorites that will have everyone singing the National Anthem.

12 - Coney Island Dogs: all-beef mini franks with tangy mustard and sauerkraut, hand-wrapped into Phyllo dough
1 - Baby Back Pork Ribs (32 oz.): premium, lean, and meaty textured pork ribs are slow-roasted until they fall off the bone and basted with a tangy barbecue sauce
1 - Garlic Mashed Potatoes (12 oz.): creamy red mashed potatoes with the added touch of garlic and sea salt
1 - Lemon Crème Swirl Cake: light and moist lemon cake filled with a sweet, tart lemon crème filling