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Infused American Caviar Sampler

Item #: FCAV03

Infused American Caviar Sampler



Our Infused Sampler provides a symphony of flavors that expands the culinary world of caviar. It comes with one 1 oz. jar of three different flavor infused caviars -- Yuzu, Wasabi, and Scandinavian Gravlax, each providing a unique combination of flavors; exquisite enjoyed on its own or adds elegance when added as a gourmet finish to a dish. Serve this sophisticated variety of infused caviar's as an unbeatable appetizer, especially when paired with our French Mini Blinis. 3 oz. total – Please refer to our Serving Suggestion Chart to determine the amount of caviar needed.
Keep in coldest part of the refrigerator until ready to serve. Consume within 7 days of opening.


Yuzu Golden Whitefish: Whitefish Roe, Salt, Yuzu Citrus Juice. Gravlax Salmon: Salmon Roe, Salt, Natural Smoke, Dill. Wasabi Tobiko: Flying Fish Roe, Sugar, Salt, Maltose, Mirin, Glucose, Soy Sauce (soybean, wheat, salt, yeast), Wasabi Flavor, Sucrose, Fatty Acid Ester, Bonito Powder, Xanthan Gum, Coloring.


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