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Our gourmet pies and cakes are full of southern hospitality made with the finest ingredients. Order cakes and pies online to eat as a special dessert, to serve during the holidays or at a party, or to send as gifts to family and friends. You can have pies and cakes delivered effortlessly to your home and enjoy these delectable desserts. It’s like baking gourmet treats from scratch without the mess.

Gourmet Cakes Delivered

Excellent for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and more, you’ll love our gourmet cakes. Delivery is available across the nation so that you can ship gourmet cakes to friends and family members near and far. Made with premium ingredients, you’ll taste that southern baking in every single bite.

Gourmet Cakes Online

Enjoy some of our top gourmet cakes for sale online:

Gourmet Pies Delivered

Let the smell of freshly baked pies overtake your kitchen when you order pies online from Chesapeake Crab Cakes and More. It's like being in a kitchen with homemade Southern cooking going on. Delights for your friends and family.

Gourmet Pies Online

Have some of our customer-favorite gourmet pies delivered to your door:

Add these gourmet pies and cakes to your dessert table for your next party or holiday gathering. Peruse our entire gourmet food catalog to see all of the gourmet desserts online, including the individual gourmet treats and gourmet cookies delivered.

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