Chocolate Soufflés

Chocolate Soufflés - Four Soufflés Item #: A-174
Chocolate Soufflés - Eight Soufflés Item #: A-174A
Each soufflé serves one
Each order contains 4 soufflés
Ready to bake
Ready in under 30 minutes

Chocolate Soufflés

The perfect indulgent gourmet dessert, our decadent and rich French Chocolate Soufflés are sure to be a hit at your next dinner party or holiday gathering. These individual Chocolate Soufflés are easy to prepare and bake from frozen in ceramic ramekins. This rich yet light and airy Chocolate Soufflé delicacy is an inspired recipe that will leave you wanting more.

A chocolate lover's dream, the dark Chocolate Soufflé with cocoa powder will rise to a cake-like consistency with a beautiful crackled top, and the inside boasts a decadent chocolate-filled center oozing with sweet chocolate sauce. Pair the mouthwatering Chocolate Soufflé dessert with fresh berries, ice cream, chocolate drizzle, or creme fraiche for an impressive chocolate sweet that is trés magnifique.

Order Chocolate Soufflés online, available in packages of four or eight. Each gourmet Chocolate Soufflé is an individual dessert serving.