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American Paddlefish Caviar

Paddlefish caviar has a bold, earthy flavor that makes an excellent addition to hors d’oeuvres and accompaniments. This fish is a cousin to the sturgeon and produces a pearlescent roe that ranges in color from dark steel-grey to light green, with a nutty flavor that is rich, complex, and bold. Its lower price point among the gourmet caviars makes it an excellent choice for large gatherings.
Please refer to our Serving Suggestion Chart to determine the amount needed. Wild caught and product of USA.
Caviar 2 oz or larger ships standard for free!
American Paddlefish Caviar - 4oz. Caviar Jar Item #: PAD04
American Paddlefish Caviar - 14oz. Caviar Tin Item #: PAD14
American Paddlefish Caviar - 7oz. Caviar Tin Item #: PAD07

American Paddlefish Caviar


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