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Top-Rated Sides Sampler

Item #: SWP33
Serves up to 12
Ready to bake

Top-Rated Sides Sampler


If there’s a party in your future, this sampler will be a hit for both the hosts and the guests. Just heat and serve for gourmet simplicity.

1 - Eastern Shore Creamed Corn Casserole (30 oz.): fresh corn blended with Asiago cheese, butter, cream and just a touch of real maple syrup to finish it off
1 - Macaroni & Cheese Casserole (20 oz.): a rich harmony of a béchamel-based sauce featuring a sharp blend of fine artisan aged cheeses and perfectly "al dente" penne pasta
1 - Sweet Potato Casserole (32 oz.): creamy sweet potatoes are kissed with a touch of sweet brown sugar and topped with crunchy pecans