Waddles™ Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs

Waddles™ Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs - 12 Eggs Item #: WDLDZ
Waddles™ Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs - 24 Eggs Item #: WDLDZ-2
Waddles™ Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs - 9 Eggs Item #: WDL12
Waddles™ Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs - 18 Eggs Item #: WDL24
Each Waddles™ egg serves one
9, 12, 18, or 24 Waddles™ eggs
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They’re back! Everyone’s beloved Easter sweet has returned. The best Easter dessert treat we’ve ever seen, Waddles™ are an adorable little marshmallow duck delicately embedded within a milk chocolate egg. Imagine the joy on their faces when they discover the hidden treat inside.

It's an Easter treasure waiting to be discovered, and the delight on their faces when they crack open these delectable milk chocolate Easter eggs will be nothing short of priceless. Waddles™ are moments of pure Easter enchantment, bringing surprise and sweetness in every bite.

To make our Waddles™ even more charming, use the enclosed festive foils to wrap each milk chocolate egg individually. Add a thoughtful touch for the Easter Bunny's basket-filling adventures, ensuring that each basket is adorned with its own little piece of gourmet sweetness. Choose from nine, twelve, eighteen, or twenty-four Waddles™ chocolate Easter eggs; each chocolate egg serves one.

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